Welcome to Friday Introductions
{Miss Mason’s World Edition}
Throughout Mason’s volumes we will meet numerous people whose ideas and words influenced Mason as she developed an educational philosophy. Who were they? Let’s meet them, understand who they were, and put in context this Victorian-era educational philosophy that’s changing our modern-day homes.
First up is Mr. F.D. Maurice.
We find Mason quoting from Maurice in the Preface of Volume One, Home Education ::
“the woman receives from the Spirit of God Himself the intuitions into the child’s character, the capacity of appreciating its strength and its weakness, the faculty of calling forth the one and sustaining the other, in which lies the mystery of education, apart from which all its rules and measures are utterly vain and ineffectual.”

Five Fun Facts ::
•This theologian enjoyed his debating society, The Apostles
•He had many shortcomings as a teacher, yet made a huge contribution to education
•He founded the Queen’s College for women in 1848
•His aim as a theologian was to promote unity
•An important literary and theological figure who was impressed with Maurice was Charles Dodgson,  also known as Lewis Carroll.