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Welcome to our cozy space on the internet. I hope that you have ended up here by means of a google search on education or because a friend sent you our way and that what you find on these pages encourages you to dig a little deeper or ask just one more question. Please, pull up a chair, pour yourself something hot and steamy, and get settled in. You’re in for some engaging discussion!

I truly believe that one of the best parts about being a Charlotte Mason educator is how much we, as the teacher, get to learn in the process of teaching our children. The topics and the growth are just endless. Homeschool isn’t just for the kids! We get to repair the ruins of our own educations, as CS Lewis says, one living book at a time.

And, that, my new friend, is exactly what we are all about. At some point in your homeschooling career, you might wake up to find that you have grown into a place where you are ready for more but you’d really love some encouragement in getting from here to there.

This magazine is for you. Every quarter contains informative articles about tough subjects that can seem intimidating until you get to know them (cue Shakespeare and Plutarch!) But we don’t just look at hard things, we also celebrate the everyday details and include beautifully done narrations and artwork by fellow moms and students.

Maybe you’re already there and are looking for a way to encourage others in their journey!

This magazine is for you, too. (And them!) Every quarter contains articles written by moms who are new to the method and share with a fresh love about how Mason’s words have helped their family grow roots of understanding together. We also have a number of contributors who have graduated kids out of the home and into the wide world. Our contributors know the joys and heartbreaks of both doing the daily duty of feeding toddlers while quizzing math and also of sending adult children to face the world alone. And they share their wisdom with you inside of each CPQ issue.

In education, there is a stage of growth wherein you begin to realize that your current amount of knowledge isn’t sufficient to meet the questions in your mind or to help inform the kind of decisions you are now asking and you need more. More history, more theology, more art, more understanding of how it all works and fits together.

Every issue celebrates the life of a hymn writer, an artist, the heart behind the multi-ethnic characterssome of our favorite stories, nature study, handicrafts (in all their beauty and practicality), world travel, favorite poets, narration and more…It is a veritable feast for the homeschooling mom, meant to encourage, delight, teach, and challenge.

We wanted to build something that felt like having coffee with a friend–the one you call with hard questions, but also send all the memes that make you laugh out loud, the thick-and-thin friend who isn’t afraid to say the thing that needs to be said while giving you a hug and taking you to scripture. That friend. That’s us. It’s nice to meet you. We’re a little overwhelmed, a whole lot dedicated, and always here to listen as we join together, seeking to know and striving to grow.

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