Common Place Quarterly

CPQ exists to encourage homeschool families in the practical application of the Charlotte Mason Method by creating a place outside of the internet where timeless ideas regarding Mason’s principles can be shared. We offer a quiet growing place for parents in a digitally saturated world.

Each quarterly’s Christ-centered and parent-focused content is gathered to encourage readers as they strive to get from here to there, that “[they] may know what [they] are about and may come thoroughly furnished to [their] work.” (V. 1, p. 3)

As we study Charlotte Mason’s methodology for content inspiration, we aim to look beyond the person she was and the time in which she lived, intentionally striving to bring her philosophy forward into the 21st century.


A practical focus on the Charlotte Mason method. Excerpts from Mason’s volumes and PNEU archives with commentary and journal prompts. 

Insights and support on difficult subjects, like Plutarch and Shakespeare Recitation Prompts and Original Essays written and submitted by readers.

Encouragement from CM educators who have graduated their children through high school.

Articles to help readers laugh, grow, and keep on keeping on.​

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

A Compendium of Voices

This is our Common Place. A rich resource of real moms, from every walk of life, sharing their hopes, fears, and triumphs in homeschooling. This place is for drinking in encouragement and serving up living ideas. Take a chair. Sit a while.

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Getting Started with Charlotte Mason

As a magazine, we assume you have already picked up your proverbial walking stick and are heading up the Charlotte Mason path. But, here on the website, we don’t want to assume as much. Maybe you are just starting out and still standing at the multiforked road of homeschool options. Let us help you unpack this method from the ground up, or maybe more appropriately, from the archives to your kitchen table.

If you are new, this is the place to start.

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A Mother’s Education

With a passion for steadfastness and a love for learning, we dedicate this category to those 15 minutes of free time moms find throughout the day. Charlotte Mason never gave moms the excuse that time eluded them and continued education was not possible. Instead, she encouraged them, a little here, and a little there, to give their mind to the deep study of a broad range of topics.

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Industry Interviews

The modern world of Charlotte Mason education is forever changing in beautiful and exciting ways. And, while CPQ is committed to being ad-free, we are excited to share new products, websites, and books with you that can help you in your educational journey! Stay tuned, many fascinating things are coming!

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