Lonely Places-July 2021 Issue

Noisy Games.––The afternoon’s games, after luncheon, are an important part of the day’s doings for the elder children, though the younger have probably worn themselves out by this time with the ceaseless restlessness by means of which Nature provides for the due development of muscular tissue in them; let them sleep in the sweet air, and awake refreshed.

Meanwhile, the elders play; the more they run, and shout, and toss their arms, the more healthful is the play. And this is one reason why mothers should carry their children off to lonely places, where they may use their lungs to their hearts’ content without risk of annoying anybody.

The muscular structure of the organs of voice is not enough considered; children love to indulge in cries and shouts and view-halloos, and this ‘rude’ and ‘noisy’ play, with which their elders have not much patience, is no more than Nature’s way of providing for the due exercise of organs, upon whose working power the health and happiness of the child’s future largely depend. People talk of ‘weak lungs,’ ‘weak chest,’ ‘weak throat,’ but perhaps it does not occur to everybody that strong lungs and strong throat are commonly to be had on the same terms as a strong arm or wrist––by exercise, training, use, work. (Parents and Children, page 79.)

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MAGAZINE TOPIC-Lonely Places- We will be looking at the importance of getting out into nature and how Charlotte Mason exhorts the mother to carry her children to lonely places where they are free to run, skip, flail about and basically just be themselves. We will also look at how this same principle is important for us, as moms. Some articles will look at the healthful aspects of getting out into nature and some will look at encouragement in nature study itself, although this particular idea of Mason’s was not one that involved study but was rather more concerned with the overall health and fullness of the child’s upbringing and life experience.

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