FAQ for artists

Wreath Art and Cover Questions

1. What size should my piece be? 

  • The magazine is 8X10 inches. Wreaths should fit nicely inside the page. Most wreaths are approximately 7" in diameter.

2. Do you prefer artists use a particular medium? 

  • Most of our artists use watercolor for their paintings. However, you are welcome to use the medium most familiar to you. If you choose not to use watercolor, please let us know as soon as possible.

3. How do I scan my images and send them to you?

  • Art can be taken to Office Max or Office Depot and scanned very inexpensively. Scanning in these locations will guarantee a high resolution scan. 
  • Art can also be scanned at home with a high quality scanner that can produce a 300dpi or higher quality image.
  • Images get loaded into the Artists Studio. Just find the link to the magazine your wreath will be in.

4. What file types do you require

  • We can accept .jpg or .png files. 

5. Is there anything that you do not accept? 

  • We will not accept any art that includes offensive symbols, nudity, cleavage, or otherwise unsavory content. We are looking for pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy, content...


We reserve the right to not print anything that we feel doesn't work with our brand or our moral/content standards. This is subject to opinion and can change at any time.

However, we wouldn't have asked you to do art if we weren't truly excited to have your work on display in family's homes all over the world. Please communicate with us if you have any questions regarding content and we will communicate with you!