We welcome submissions from readers. We accept regular, ongoing, submissions for the following areas:

 Photography  For photography guidelines, please read here before submitting. SUBMIT PHOTOGRAPHY
Written content (poetry/narrations/creative writing) or photographs  These pieces are mother or child work or photographs of the work for the Mirth and Merriment Section of the magazine. SUBMIT ART + POETRY + WORDS
House of Heart Article Questions Min Hwang will be writing a question/answer style article in year 5 that engages with readership questions pertaining to the topics we have coming up: MIDDLE-BEAUTY-GRAND CONVERSATIONS-HABIT OF READING. If you have any specific questions in regard to those topics or charlotte mason homeschooling questions in general that you would like to have addressed in this new magazine article, please place them here! SUBMIT HOUSE OF HEART ARTICLE QUESTIONS
Content pieces for the Children's Gazette written by kids These could be main articles about topics they are passionate about. Their own enquire within topics or suggestions of ones they would like to learn. They can request article topics or they can write the articles themselves. Famous speeches and Latin quotes or verses are also welcome. SUBMIT TO THE CHILDREN'S GAZETTE

Blog Posts for

A Large Room

Do you find yourself thinking about topics and wanting to process them through to completion? Us, too. We would like to offer our blog as A Large Room, if you will, of Charlotte Mason topics, written by moms, just like you, about topics we are all interested in. We would like to be able to pull from these submissions for magazine articles and future Compendium writers. So, if you are interested in writing main articles for the magazine or in writing for the compendium, please consider submitting here. We would love to hear from you.  SUBMIT BLOG POSTS