General CPQ Questions

WHAT CAN I EXPECT IN EACH MAGAZINE: Each magazine has four sections: Educate (Shakespeare, Plutarch, Artist Study, Hymn Writer, A Main article written by a guest contributor based on the magazine’s theme), Encourage (Compendium, Stray Gifts, Main Article written by a guest contributor based on the magazine’s theme, Grace in the Mason Method, Dappled Things), Inspire (Handicrafts, Keeping, Main Article written by a guest contributor based on the magazine’s theme, Character(s) to Live By article, Choosing Nature), Delight (Bookstore Chronicles, Mirth and Merriment, Main Article written by a guest contributor based on the magazine’s theme)

DO YOU OFFER DIGITAL COPIES? We do offer a digital subscription and the ability to purchase digital back issues. Digital issues can be read via the CPQ app, available at all app stores, or online here.

DO YOU ACCEPT PHOTOGRAPHY SUBMISSIONS? We do accept photography submissions. You can submit them HERE. We have some guidelines that need to be understood prior to submitting:

  • Photographs have to be high res and taken with a DSLR
  • We reserve the right to edit tones to match the magazine where necessary
  • We do not show pull-backs of people's home interiors. 
  • We do not show full faces of children. When submitting photographs, the children must be turned slightly or facing away. (Very occasionally we will bypass this rule but not often.)
  • We need you to submit the credit information for the photographer so that we can credit them in the front flap of the magazine. Please include: Name of Photographer and website or instagram handle
  • We are not able to pay for photography


Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS: We do offer gift subscriptions here. Please note that if you do not want the subscription to auto-renew, you must go in and make sure auto-renew is turned off in the account page.

DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY? Yes. We ship to all countries that have open shipping lines.

ALL ORDERS: Please check your SHIPPING address to make sure that it is accurate. You can go here to check your address. In order to login your will need your subscriber ID and your zipcode.

SUBSCRIPTION TIMING: Subscriptions start with our next issue. CPQ is a quarterly magazine, shipping the first month of each quarter.  The first issue of a subscription may take 1-3 months (US) to kick on. Once you receive your first issue, the subsequent issues will arrive every 3 months. Common Place Quarterly is worth the wait!  We have back issues available on our website that typically ship in 5-7 business days.  

CPQ GOODS AND BACK ISSUES: Most orders will ship in 5-7 business days. All non-subscription items ship from Tucson, AZ. Standard shipping rates and delivery times apply. USPS first class is our first choice for shipping.   We are not able to place a tracking number on our back issue orders.

GENERAL INFO ABOUT CPQ: Common Place Quarterly is ad-free. Our subscriptions mail as standard mail and will, at some point, ship as periodicals. They are shipped by the publisher and take between 2-4 weeks to arrive, which is a bit longer than Amazon Prime. However, shipping in this way allows us to keep our subscription costs as low as possible and we truly believe that CPQ is worth the wait.

Shipment Dates: Magazines ship in the first month of the quarter. January’s magazine ships in January, April’s in April, July’s in July, and, October’s in October. Note above that shipping can take 2-4 weeks. This means that the magazine sometimes arrives the next month  We get so excited each quarter to ship out our bulk mailing and do our best to ship timely. Even though it can seem to take a bit for your first magazine to arrive, once you have received it, they will continue to arrive every quarter as scheduled.

RETURNS: You cannot return to sender items that are shipped as a part of the bulk mailing. The USPS will destroy them instead of giving them back to us. If you need to return something to us, please email us at info@commonplacequarterly.com to get more information about how to do so.


You may cancel your subscription at any time before your final issue. We will only be able to refund issues before the pre-order window has closed.

All refunds are issued via Stripe.


The recipient is the importer of record and as such is responsible for assuring the product(s) they purchased can be lawfully imported to the destination country and must comply with all laws and regulations of said country. The customer is also responsible for payment of all levied sales tax, duties and customs charges, which are determined and enforced by local governments and vary by country. Duties, taxes and/or customs fees are an additional amount collected upon delivery of your order and we are unable to provide you with an estimate of those fees. Please contact your local government for specific details. Your order confirmation details only the amount collected by Common Place Quarterly. By completing your order you agree to pay all applicable fees. If you refuse or return your order, no international shipping charges or fees paid to local governments will be refunded. We will refund the original purchase price of the product if the returned/refused goods arrive back to our Tucson, AZ address in original condition.

Questions? Email info@commonplacequarterly.com