FAQ for Writers

When is my article due?

Once we have confirmed that you will be writing for the magazine, you will receive an email from us with a link to the Writer’s Den and the name of the magazine in which your article will be placed. The due date for your article can be found in your magazine’s section of the Writer’s Den.

What is my word count?

The word count for main articles is always 1000-1200 words but we always advice writers to err on the side of complete thought over strict word count.

Do I need to provide photographs with my image or does the magazine do that on its own?

We would love it if you would be willing to provide photographs with your article. We cannot pay extra for photography so if you are unable to provide photographs, we understand and will add in photos that we feel match your article. However, we have realized that in having writers provide photography themselves, the magazine retains a more authentic and diverse feel. Photography details below. (Side note to add that we do occasionally allow phone photography so if you have a questions about that, please ask!)

  • Photographs have to be high res and taken with a DSLR
  • We reserve the right to edit tones to match the magazine where necessary
  • We do not show pull-backs of people's home interiors. 
  • We do not show full faces of children. When submitting photographs, the children must be turned slightly or facing away. (Very occasionally we will bypass this rule but not often.)
  • We need you to submit the credit information for the photographer so that we can credit them in the front flap of the magazine. Please include: Name of Photographer and website or instagram handle
  • We are note able to pay for photography


If I have additional questions not listed here, who do I contact?

You can contact Mariah and Cara here.