Goodness Writers


Goodness gracious, we love a good story about good people doing good things that win out in conflict against bad things, don't we? Our goal for the goodness issue is to enjoy some good literary characters, to take a good look into the fruit of the spirit that is goodness--the Holy Spirit's gift, and to be encouraged by the ways that God is good and has shown his goodness to us.  

Thank you for being the education, encouragement, inspiration, and delight behind this idea of goodness for our readership. We are all looking forward to learning and growing alongside you. If you have any technical questions in regards to your article, please contact or via instagram DM.

The link below will take you to the page where you can upload and turn in your article and any pictures you would like to include!  

Don Rhymer
Patty Sommer
Erika Alicea
JoAnn Hallum