CPQ Writer's Den

Welcome to CPQ's new Writer's Den!

If you've been sent this link, you hold a pivotal role in CPQ's Year 7! Whether you're a main article writer, a regular contributor, a compendium writer, a century circle artist, or a cover artist, your contributions are not just appreciated; they are crucial to our mission to encourage families in the practical application of Charlotte Mason's method!

Welcome to your new Writer's Den, a convenient hub for all your magazine-related needs! Here, you'll find our style guide, year seven schedule, and forms to submit all your articles. If you've written for us before, you'll notice a change (no more Asana!), but we assure you, it's for the better. If you submit articles quarterly, you can bookmark this page or add it to your favorites for easy access each quarter. 

Style Guide

Our style guide will walk you through who we are, who our audience is, and details about writing for us: CPQ Style Guide

Year 7 Schedule

Quarter Theme Due Date Publish date
1 Books July 15th, 2024 Jan/Feb 2025
2 Things

October 15th, 2024

April/May 2025
3 Truth January 15th, 2024 July/Aug 2025
4 Laugh April 15th, 2024 Oct/Nov 2025


Submitting Your Articles

Please use the forms below to submit your articles

Main Article Writer

Regular Contributor

Compendium Writer

Century Circle Artist


Before the Magazine Goes to Print:

We will put the magazine's PDF file here so you can check your article(s) one last time before it goes to print! Mariah will remind you to check the Writer's Den in the quarterly In-House newsletters. If you find any errors, you will have a window to email Sarah with the changes. 


Quote Images

As the magazine ships, Mariah will create quote images for you to share on social media, blogs, websites, etc. You can download them here when they are available.



If you have any questions about your article, art, or anything CPQ-related, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Thank you so much for coming alongside us to encourage others in the Charlotte Mason community and beyond!