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In Ourselves Miss Mason puts our beauty sense under Lord Intellect. Lord Intellect is the Foreign Secretary “because he conducts affairs and establishes relations with many foreign kingdoms. Through him Mansoul obtains the freedom of rich provinces and mighty states.”

But she shares with us a warning:

“Instead of accepting the relations, friends, and neighbours that God sends us in the course of our lives, the devotee of Beauty chooses for himself, and cares to know only those people whose views of life are the same as his own. So with regard to places, he cannot tolerate for a moment things which are unsightly and unlovely, so he does not go where working people and poor people have to live. In the end, he misses the happiness to which the Beauty Sense was meant to minister. For happiness comes of effort, service, wide interests, and, last and least, of enjoyment; and when people put enjoyment, even of beautiful things, in the first place (and indeed in place of all else), they miss the very thing they seek, and become enfeebled in body and fretful and discontented in temper.”

So what exactly is Beauty?

And how do we pursue beauty without the pursuit becoming dangerous, how Miss Mason warns us?

It’s these questions and more that we hope this issue gets you pondering as we seek to understand more fully what truth, goodness, and beauty have to do with our homeschools.
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    "Self-education is the only possible education; the rest is mere veneer laid on the surface of a child's nature."